Interesting Realization.


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So great

Week 3 day 2

Feeling strong and loving it :) saw an old gym buddy today who game me a compliment and that clearly just made my day

Week 3 Fit Test RESULTS! Insanity <3

Ok I’ll say it again doing this legit makes me feel amazing. I felt sluggish having missed a couple of days but the feeling I have after completing this work out honestly makes me feel on top of the world. It also makes me know that I will be making much healthier food and just in general life choices the following days. 

The results are:

Switch kicks (counting two kicks) 40 —> 45

Power Jacks 45 —> 52

Power Knees 70 —> 92

Power Jumps 20 —> 26

Globe Jumps 8 —> 10

Suicide Jumps 18 —> 20

Push-up Jacks 23 —> 27

Low plank Obliques (each leg) 15 —> 25

BOOM! Sweat session like no other. 

How was your Monday night?

Clean space = calm mind

enough said

Can not seem to get it together

I really need to get myself back on track today. I’ve already consumed chips and a doughnut mainly cause they looked good and I wanted it. I just need a mental reset.

Week 3! Setbacks ???

Sorry that I have been MIA for the past couple of days. I have missed 1 official workout day and the rest I actually had something active planned for the day that INSANITY would have been extremely excessive and not in my strength. 

I am also pretty sure that the type of food and amount of it that I consumed this weekend absolutely ruined any progress I did within a week.. but thats ok MINOR setbacks do happen no need to freak out about them .. I am only human. 

Today is fit test day which I am pretty excited to do. Ill b doing it in the early evening right before dinner.. so hopefully I wont be too hungry and it wont effect my performance. 

Ill be sure to post my result and see show you if I have IMPROVED or stayed at the level I am at. 

This week I am going to look to tighten up my eating habits and channel a lot more energy into HYDRATING as much as possible… since I have been really slacking on the amount of water I drink. 

Anyways … HAPPY MONDAY everyone.

Whats everyone doing for their workout Mondat today ?

Motivation for the moment!!! 

Motivation for the moment!!! 


Yesterday Day 10! Was not a good day

Against my better judgement I worked out within an hour and a half of eating a smallish meal. AWFUL 

I am pretty sure I also consumed way more calories than needed yesterday but thats not the main issue I have with yesterday. My main issue is the almost throwing up while working out from doing something I should have known not to.

Needless to say yesterday was an ok workout and I feel eh today.

Hopefully DAY 11 is a much better day :)

Day 9 (yesterday) Pure Cardio

Pure cardio makes me looks as if I took a shower in my sweat. Literally beads dripping off and you know what I absolutely love that.

I also did a few ab exercises after just to feel my stomach tighten up a bit. I think I’ll add 3 or 4 ab workouts one set each at the end of each day of my insanity and see how that works out for me. I mean at least I’ll try to do that.

It’s day 10 today and at the end of it I be 1/3 done my 30 day challenge. It is absolutely crazy how fast time flies.

Do you guys have any tips on any of my workouts?
feel free to let me know :)